Method of Work

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  1. Confirm shape of Driveway with customer.
  2. Fracture existing surface and excavate to a minimum depth of 250mm using 1.5 Mini-Digger.
  3. All waste materials to be removed by Grab Truck.
  4. Clear all debris, clean pavement and carriageway before leaving the customers property.


  1. Lay industrial membrane to cover excavated area.
  2. If required lay SS20 reinforcement to total drive area.
  3. Lay and spread M.O.T. 1 Limestone scalpes to an approximate depth of 160mm.
  4. Compact M.O.T. 1 to a desired depth of approximately 150mm. Machine rolled.
  5. Repeat cleaning process where necessary.


  1. Lay and spread Washed Sharp Sand to a depth of 65mm.
  2. Compact 3 times and screed to the required level and fall (slope).
  3. Repeat cleaning process where necessary.


  1. Lay 50mm or 60mm Heavy duty blocks of the Customers choice in the requested pattern.
  2. Cut blocks to fit on Diamond precision cutter.
  3. Set out header of blocks and mark for cutting.
  4. Haunch all edges using C 30 concrete for extra strength and support.
  5. When all blocks are laid, check for the slightest imperfections and replace where necessary.
  6. Repeat cleaning process where necessary.


  1. Spread block paving jointing sand and compact whole area.
  2. Brush of excess sand.
  3. Ensure site is clear of equipment and cleaned thoroughly.
  4. Ensure pavement and carriageway is also clean.
  5. Ask customer to inspect Driveway for work quality.
  6. Remove all waste material from site.

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Block Paved Driveways